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I trained in fashion design, interior design and as a visual artist.   I love creating works that evoke the senses and draw people into the space.  My friends tell me that my studio transports them, that they feel nostalgic, immersed in memories.  That they feel playful, joyful just from spending time there.  I’m coming to understand that’s my gift, that I create art and spaces that bring out the best in people.  I love seeing people enjoy that sensory experience, it is incredibly rewarding.

Personal Style Consultation


Committed to Quality

Fashion, styling and art is what I am passionate about and I love.  It needs to be sustainable yet suit our super busy lifestyle.  We need to be comfortable yet look like we are ready to take on the world.  I have 30 years in the fashion and styling industry.  I worked Designing and Pattern making entire ranges that were influenced by seasonal trending from European catwalks.  The thing I enjoyed most was the exceptional fitting of garments

Wardrobe Edit


Exceeding Expectations

Personal Style Plan plus objective and honest advice on your existing wardrobe to maximise styling options.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

These days I’d describe myself as a curator.  I develop spaces that invite people to bring their whole self to play.  The spaces we live and work in have a huge impact on the psyche.  We can feel smaller, bigger, more or less alive, more or less loved and nurtured depending on the physical environment we’re in.  We interact with art, colour, textures, light and sounds in ways that are sometimes difficult to describe.

I work with my clients to learn how they would like to be held, nurtured and encouraged to grow, through their relationship with art and their interaction with their home, school or workplace.  Bringing their vision to life involves curating spaces filled with elements that speak to their heart and soul. My role, is to collaborate with other creatives and local businesses to source those elements and to see them settled in place

Interior Curating

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