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Everyone has different passions and loves, thats what makes life so exciting, so when designing or pulling together an idea get together a bit of a brainstorming style page in a journal or similar. You can then start sketching from all the ideas you have collated.

Pantone have a colour trend forecast, which changes yearly, but it is important to stay true to the authenticity of your personal likes and dislikes without falling victim to what may be in fashion when choosing a colour palette. This applies when either creating art or purchasing.

The work here is a collage inspired by ideals of a utopian world. Using high flow acrylics on brown pattern card and then patiently and meticulously cutting with scissors and a knife.

Having a professional experienced framer to frame your works can often make all the difference to the overall effect you are trying to achieve. Framing is a lifelong investment. This work is framed in raw oak which gives it a light airy, modern feel, working with the metallic golds in the piece.

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